Lead work is a specialist craft, so therefore quality workmanship and customer satisfaction are very important to us. Over the years, many substitutes have tried to replace lead, but lead still gives better value for money than any other roofing material.


Asphalting is one of the recognised specialist trades in the building industry and the type of asphalt primarily applied to buildings is known as mastic asphalt.

It is used to waterproof roofs, basements, front entrance steps. rooftop carparks, domestic and industrial floors and even ornamental fish ponds.


Built up roofing is formed onsite from two or more layers of felt. Built up felt is an ideal choice for application where a good long lasting cost effective solution is required. It can be used for most flat roof applications including garages, sheds and main flat roofs.

GRP Roof Systems

West London & Surreys GRP Roof systems are suited to all flat or low pitched areas and can be abutted and joined to all types of new or traditional material. We have installed our system at many hundereds of sites and these are proved to be fault free. All parts and components are manufactured in our own workshops and installation is undertaken by our own staff, not by subcontractors. The system includes expansion and contraction joints, edge trims, flashings and fixing by screws – not nails which can damage the GRP membrane. The work involves neither heat nor naked flames.

The whole installation results in a totally one-piece seamless covering with permanent bonding to intrsions such as pipes, vents, lanterns and the like, and to abutments – typically parapet walls and pitched areas.

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